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Antibiotics In China, Casual Practice Turned Global Health Threat

Massive use of antibiotics in animal farming and to treat common ailments is helping create incurable infections.

Eureka! The Secret Sauce Behind Creativity

PARIS — Employers have been placing a premium on creativity these last few years. They fight to get the so-called creative workers — those who are open-minded, bold, and curious. Those who ...

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An Anti-Migrant Website Sold Guns. Many Germans Bought Them

MUNICH — On Oct. 5, German doctor Alexander Haase* opened his web browser and dropped merchandise he wanted to purchase into a checkout basket. He paid 590,99 euros* — money that went ...

South Korea

Korean Fried Chicken, How Seoul Owners Are Winging It

South Korean fried chicken franchises are popping up all over the country. Tight competition is squeezing owners.


The 2017 Academy Awkwards, From La La Land To Pa-ree

PARIS — There's no fixed running time for the Academy Awards ceremony. If you live on the East Coast, and are not a night owl, you may very well have not made it last night to Best Picture. ...


Industry 4.0, a tool for hyper-surveillance?

We might soon see our mechanic put on augmented reality glasses that will show him step by step how to repair our car. But the same glasses will also record all his slightest movements and ...


Mark Zuckerberg's Manifesto Is A Megalomaniac and Authoritarian Document

-OpEd- I've just finished reading the manifesto Mark Zuckerberg wrote on the future of humanity. I've laughed a lot. But afterwards, when I reached the end, a serious question took root in my ...


When Fiction Could Foresee Our Present Predicament

We may be in technology's heydey, but as some of the 20th century's great writers feared, ours is turning out to be a dismal time for empathy and imagination, Valentina Coccia writes in El Espectador.


Buenos Aires Wakes Up To The Importance Of New Age Siestas

Companies and universities in Argentina are encouraging naps to boost the productivity and mood of students and workers.


How Luxembourg Could Cash In On Brexit

The tiny European country has improved its position as a post-Brexit business destination by reforming its fiscal rules and digital environment.


Choking In Pollution, Poland Says Coal Is Not A Problem

-Analysis- WARSAW — For the Polish government, coal is nothing to worry about. Sixteen Polish cities exceeded the annual limit of days with smog in the first two months of this year ...

United States

Working Class Of America Beware, Trump Will Sell You Out

-OpEd- WASHINGTON — For many months on the campaign trail, Donald Trump sent a clear message about his fellow Republicans: Ideologically, I'm not one of them. This wasn't just true on ...


Carnaval And Crisis Side-By-Side On Brazilian Front Page

O Globo, Feb. 24, 2017 Rio de Janeiro-based O Globo daily's front page offered a snapshot of the contrasts of today's Brazil. While top story reported on a troubling new unemployment trend, ...

United States

They Duet Different, Pop Icons Sing In Another Language

We all have favorite songs we listen to again and again. But there are few things as entertaining as hearing our favorite singers belt their hit tunes in another language. Love "Heroes" by the ...