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Grab Your Wallet, Taking Down Trump With A Retail Boycott

WASHINGTON — Back in October, Shannon Coulter was doing some late-night browsing on the Nordstrom website. Before long, the small-business owner had a nagging feeling about the department ...


How Can We Resist Donald Trump? Buy "Made In Latin America"

If Trump wants to seal off U.S. borders, Latin Americans can respond by boycotting American brands.


Mexican Smuggler: Trump's Wall Is A Business Opportunity

Illegal border crossings won't stop, but prices will rise.


How Merkel's Lectures To Thin-Skinned Trump Can Backfire

-Analysis- BERLIN — On Saturday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and U.S. President Donald Trump released a joint statement regarding their first phone call earlier that day. The statement ...

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First One Hundred Days, From FDR To Trump

-Analysis- The marker of the "First 100 Days" of a new presidency traces its origins to Franklin Roosevelt's arrival in the White House in 1933, when the Democratic president followed through ...

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Bannon Rising, Trump's "Alt-Right" Advisor Consolidates Power

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump's elevation of his chief political strategist to a major role in national security policy, and a White House order banning refugees from certain ...

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TrumpSpeak To Berlusconisms, New Frontiers Of Political Rhetoric

PARIS — When Donald Trump talks ... well, that's some kind of talking. During his successful run for the presidency, the world got to hear the billionaire real estate mogul turned reality TV ...


Donald Trump, Narcissist-In-Chief

-OpEd- GENEVA — When it comes to choosing a future leader, a candidate's personality tends to be as important as his or her proposed policies. In the case of Donald J. Trump, the political ...

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The World Braces For Hurricane Trump

Beyond the beltway, far from America's heartland: the most unlikely of incoming U.S. presidents i...

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Bonjour And Bye-Bye, A Video Postcard Of Obama's Foreign Travels

The end of the road has come for Barack Obama's eight years as President of the United States. From China to Kenya and Argentina to Laos, Obama has traveled thousands of miles around the world and ...


Trump's Big Mouth On German Front Page

Die Tageszeitung, Jan. 17, 2016 I love Germany. I love Great Britain. I love Mexico. I love free trade. I like Angela Merkel, but I don't know her. I liked President ...

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Trump's Aggressive Handshake Diplomacy

The refrain has continued ever since Donald Trump stunned the world with his election victory: "But what will he actually do?" As the two-plus month interregnum winds down, ahead of the Jan. 20 ...


Mexico Reacts To "Trump Effect" After Ford Scraps Plant

The Ford Motor Company's decision not to open an auto plant in Mexico — in a swift reaction to Donald Trump's offhand threat to slap tariffs on all imported vehicles — is another sign that ...

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Spotlight: Trump's Final Hurdle

In a normal election cycle, the meeting of the U.S. Electoral College goes virtually unnoticed. The 2016 race to the White House, however, has been anything but normal. Recent allegations from ...

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Spotlight: Climate Change Under Donald Trump

Earlier today, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump picked Scott Pruitt, attorney general of Oklahoma, as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Pruitt, a New York Times investigation once ...


A Post-NAFTA Plan B For Trump Era? Mexico Must Get Serious

-OpEd- MEXICO CITY — Mexico's President Enrique Peña Nieto recently told a gathering of CEOs at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit that his country sees no need to ...

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My Muslim Faith, Explained To Terrified Americans

Just before this week's attack by a Muslim student at Ohio State University, which authorities be...


Only Angela Merkel Can Stop The Liberal West From Imploding

-OpEd- BERLIN — It's been said that house guests are like dead fish: After three days they start to smell. When it comes to government officials, it usually takes a little longer. Americans ...


How A Trump Presidency Looks In The Middle East

The election of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States has prompted several reactions, with those who see his political ascension as the beginning of a new phase of political ...


How Mexican Novelist Carlos Fuentes Predicted Trump — And A Different Kind Of Wall

Carlos Fuentes, the Mexican novelist who died in 2012, wrote more than a decade ago of a U.S. pre...


German Fears Of New "Axis Of Evil" — Trump, Putin, Erdogan

Not much is known for sure of Trump's foreign policy agenda, which is why Angela Merkel d...