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An Anti-Migrant Website Sold Guns. Many Germans Bought Them

MUNICH — On Oct. 5, German doctor Alexander Haase* opened his web browser and dropped merchandise he wanted to purchase into a checkout basket. He paid 590,99 euros* — money that went ...


My Mosul Neighbor, When A French ISIS Member Moves In

MOSUL — Ziyad loaded his wife and three children in the big German sedan that used to serve as his taxi between Baghdad and Mosul. That was in June 2014. The jihadists had just captured Iraq's ...


True Fiction: Iran's Perilous Quest For A New Supreme Leader

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has ruled a remarkable 28 years, and counting. As the successor to Islamic Revolution founder Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the Supreme Leader's mix of ...

North Korea

Poisoning Relations, From Pyongyang To Moscow

-Analysis- When a hit has been ordered, the chosen method for assassination is ultimately of secondary importance. A "successful" car bomb, stabbing or long-distance rifle shot all have the ...


New Armed Faction Muscling Into Tripoli Reflects Chaos in Libya

TRIPOLI — As the sun sets on the Libyan capital, the sky takes on an ochre shade over the old city walls surrounding Martyr's Square. Children play on carousels and the muezzin's call to ...


Have U.S.-Europe Relations Changed Forever?

After Brexit and Trump, Europe is forced to fight back. The precious Transatlantic Alliance may b...


NGOs May Be Endangering The Very Migrants They Seek To Rescue

-Analysis- More than 4,500 people lost their lives off the Libyan coast last year. And yet, there have never been so many vessels carrying out rescue missions in the area — from Italian ...

Sri Lanka

No Escape For Traumatized Pakistani Refugees In Sri Lanka

Pakistan is ranked among the most dangerous countries in the world for religious minorities. Marg...


True Fiction: When President Trump Met President Le Pen

After the stunning Brexit referendum and Donald Trump's election in the United States, all eyes now shift to the land of "liberté, égalité, fraternité" to see what modern democracy holds in store ...


Mexican Smuggler: Trump's Wall Is A Business Opportunity

Illegal border crossings won't stop, but prices will rise.

United States

Defying Trump, Texas Sheriff Gives Safe Haven To Immigrants

Austin, Texas may be the first of many "sanctuary cities" that disobey President Donald Trump's h...


New Rail "Silk Road" Feeds China's Love For European Goods

CHONGQING — Every day since 2014, a train leaves from the western German city of Duisburg. It winds its way across Europe and Asia to finally reach Chongqing, a megalopolis of 28 million ...


True Fiction: When President Trump Meets President Macron

It's October 2017. The spring's French presidential elections had been won by a fresh-faced "Anti...


A Trump-Era Brain Drain? U.S.-Based Scientists Eye Switzerland

Foreign scientists working in the U.S. are seeking job prospects in Switzerland as they contempla...


How Merkel's Lectures To Thin-Skinned Trump Can Backfire

-Analysis- BERLIN — On Saturday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and U.S. President Donald Trump released a joint statement regarding their first phone call earlier that day. The statement ...

Puerto Rico

Is Puerto Rico (Finally) Set To Become The 51st State?

SAN JUAN — The Puerto Rican Senate's approval of a bill last week to hold a referendum to give voters a stark choice between statehood or independence looks like it may settle the island's ...


From The Baltics To Poland, Militias Rising Against Russian Threat

The arrival of Russia-friendly Donald Trump in the White House has heightened concerns that Mosco...

United States

World Reacts To Trump's Muslim Ban, 24 Newspaper Front Pages

UNITED STATES The Washington Post Chicago Sun-Times MEXICO La Razon de Mexico BRAZIL O Globo Folha de S. Paulo URUGUAY El ...

United States

Bannon Rising, Trump's "Alt-Right" Advisor Consolidates Power

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump's elevation of his chief political strategist to a major role in national security policy, and a White House order banning refugees from certain ...


Who's Left Behind In New Global Arms Race? Old Europe

France has long been the only country in continental Europe to invest in its military. Though oth...