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Industry 4.0, a tool for hyper-surveillance?

We might soon see our mechanic put on augmented reality glasses that will show him step by step how to repair our car. But the same glasses will also record all his slightest movements and ...


How Luxembourg Could Cash In On Brexit

The tiny European country has improved its position as a post-Brexit business destination by refo...


Sting Operation, In Search Of The Perfect Bee

PARIS — Researchers are on the hunt for the perfect bee. Today, pesticides, mites, viruses and other parasites decimate tens of millions of colonies of pollinators on the planet. ...


Inside The Global Zipper War

Japanese and Chinese rivals battle for dominance in this billion-dollar industry, a tale of a wor...


Trump Will Make China Stronger — And More Skittish

-Analysis- PARIS — For more than 70 years, the United States was the ultimate life insurance policy for Europe against the Soviet and now Russian thirst for power. The U.S. also held sway ...


Inside Cork, Apple's Controversial European Headquarters

CORK — On a December morning, as my plane pierces the ceiling of clouds and begins its descent toward the airport of Cork, my eyes are drawn to the flocks of sheep spread across the green ...


Pushing The Limits Of Weather Forecasting

Climate change is giving meteorologists an added incentive to make accurate, ever more timely pre...

South Korea

Make Room For Robots In South Korean Middle Schools

For more than a decade, South Korea has been a pioneer in the use of robots to aid teaching. Now,...