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Jeff's Multiple Source Test

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Antibiotics In China, Casual Practice Turned Global Health Threat

Massive use of antibiotics in animal farming and to treat common ailments is helping create incur...


Mark Zuckerberg's Manifesto Is A Megalomaniac and Authoritarian Document

-OpEd- I've just finished reading the manifesto Mark Zuckerberg wrote on the future of humanity. I've laughed a lot. But afterwards, when I reached the end, a serious question took root in my ...


Up-Pill Battle, Brazilian Women Want Men To Use Contraception

SAO PAULO — When the contraceptive pill first appeared in the 1960s, it was celebrated as a symbol of sexual freedom for women. But an increasing number of women in Brazil now see it very ...


How Peruvian Cocaine Is Fueling Brazil's Gang Wars

MANAUS — There's a gang war raging across northern Brazil. It has led to prison riots in which close to 100 inmates have been killed since the beginning of the year. This violence is linked to ...


Brazil's Spiral Of Bloodshed, A One-Day Homicide Record

Among the world's many gloomy corners, it is hard to get any gloomier than Brazil. After a drug war broke out among several criminal groups, leading to huge prison riots and the death of close to ...


After Zika, Yellow Fever Outbreak In Brazil

MINAS GERAIS — After two failed attempts to get vaccinated against yellow fever, 72-year-old José Pedro de Jesus woke up before dawn to get the job done. He lives in a municipality in the ...


It May Be Time For Brazil To Follow Trump's Protectionist Lead

-OpEd- SAO PAULO — Donald Trump is horrifying. Still, there's a part of his package that could be quite useful to have in Brazil. I'm referring to the president-elect's threats against ...