The Economic Observer is a weekly Chinese-language newspaper founded in April 2001. It is one of the top business publications in China. The main editorial office is based in Beijing, China. Inspired by the Financial Times of Britain, the newspaper is printed on peach-colored paper.


Why The World's Largest Country Is Struggling With Infertility

BEIJING — It's been more than a year since China abolished the one-child policy ntroduced in 1979 to control the population. The politburo came up with a new two-child policy and simplified ...


Gambling In Japan, A Measure Of Shinzo Abe's Staying Power

-OpEd- TOKYO — On Dec. 2, Japan's lawmakers voted for a bill that permits casinos. The aim of the legislation was to boost tourism and revitalize the economy. Gambling has been strictly ...


China, A Global Superpower? Not So Fast

-OpEd- KALAMAZOO — People from China who travel abroad are struck by the stark differences between their countries. In the U.S. and Europe, they probably envy how people live in comfort and ...


Starbucks "Creative" Cup Sizes Shake Up Customers In China

BEIJING — If you've ever had trouble ordering at Starbucks, just know you probably have plenty of company: millions of Chinese coffee lovers. When one customer recently posted an open ...


China's Growing Companies Need Maturity, Not Just Money

Chinese business leaders should learn lessons from Japanese firms' spending sprees of the 1980s a...


China, From Shrinking Exports To Currency Devaluation

-Analysis- BEIJING — The numbers are decidely mixed. Year-on-year, China's exports fell in September by 10%, which was a 0.5% further drop over August. ...


In China, Local Governments Crack Down On Sharing Economy

Mirroring some of the battles Uber has faced in cities around the world, local car-hailing apps i...


China Grapples With Baby Boom In The Year Of The Monkey

BEIJING — "Our little monkey has decided to join the fun," said Lucy, a 33-year-old woman expecting her first child this October. She's one of many happy ...