This is Worldcrunch's international collection of essays, which includes pieces written in English and others translated from the world's best writers in any other language. The name for this collection, Rue Amelot, is a nod to the humble address in eastern Paris that we call home. Send ideas and suggestions to


I'm 19 Years Old, I've Never Been To School

I live in a small village in the Vosges Mountains in northeastern France with my four brothers and sisters. My father works in industrial maintenance and my mother takes care of the family. I ...


Rue Amelot, Our Best International Essays Of 2016

PARIS — There was enough news (real and fake) to keep our heads spinning for all of 2016. Yet one project we are particularly proud about this past year is our new Rue Amelot ongoing series of ...


Trump And My Taiwan: A Phone Call Can Change Everything

PARIS — I first heard the news with a text message from my son late last Friday night: Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen had spoken by telephone with Donald Trump. I cannot describe the joy I ...


Why Turkey's Assault On Press Freedom Is Different This Time

When I told the guy at my neighborhood grocery store in the Turkish city of Istanbul that I was traveling abroad, he said, "Don't come back. Not if you can." I told him I have a life here. ...


When You Share A Hometown With Adolf Hitler

BRAUNAU AM INN — With its church spires and colorful facades, my hometown has a certain postcard charm. But growing up in this corner of northern Austria, near the German ...


Silent Delivery, How My Stillborn Twins Made Me A Better Mother

"If only the world's shattered people carried a sign, a small mark of Cain so that w...


Sexism, Italian-Style: Bad News For My Eight-Year-Old Daughter

Italy is, still, a deeply sexist country. A recent murder and suicide remind one mother why part ...


Seven Women In A Turkish Holding Cell

This summer, I was arrested in Turkey. It was the wrong time, and I was in the wrong place — visiting the predominantly Kurdish eastern regions of the country. For the first four days I was ...