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One Woman's Tale Of Protest, Prison And Lost Love in Egypt

CAIRO — After Asmaa Hamdy's release from prison, where she spent three years, she began the desperate search for her fiancé who had disappeared shortly before she was let out. A dentistry ...


How Egypt's Revolution Lifted A Veil On Sexual Violence

The promise of the Tahrir Square protests has been largely unfulfilled. Yet there is some progres...


Egypt's Upcycling Design, Hipster Touch In Ancient Land

CAIRO — Strolling through Lisbon's hilltop alleys in 2008, I came across a shop selling uniquely designed "upcycled" products, things made by reusing material that would otherwise be ...


What Nobel Prize Winner Naguib Mahfouz Can Teach Us Egyptians

-Essay- 1988 As usual I sat at the front, close to the blackboard because I'm short-sighted, and to the left, so the teacher's body wouldn't hide what he wrote. On that particular day ...


Why Attacks On Christians In Egypt Are Likely To Continue

-Analysis- CAIRO — It's delusional to believe that simply announcing the names of the perpetrators of the St. Peter and St. Paul Church attack, or that they've been sentenced, will prevent ...


Typeface Designers "Reinvent The Wheel" To Create Arabic Fonts

CAIRO — There are 28 letters in the Arabic alphabet. There are four possible written forms for each letter, depending on whether it stands alone, or comes at the beginning, middle or end of a ...


What Is Left? Anger In Aftermath Of Cairo's Church Bombing

Worshipers at the Coptic Church pray for the dead and lash out at both perpetrators and Egyptian ...


Why Egyptian Women Don't Breastfeed: Bad Maternity Leave, Public Shame

CAIRO — Wessam Said, 28, would have liked to breastfeed her child, but something was holding her back that had nothing to do with health or social norms: as the family's main breadwinner, she ...