Brazil struggled to complete the sporting venues needed for the Olympic Games, in Rio de Janeiro. But what about the brand new stadiums that were built especially for the FIFA World Cup, just two years ago? Although they cost billions, most of these stadiums now have a very low occupancy rate: The Arena Pantanal only hosted 47 matches in two years.

In retrospect, the South American giant may have taken on too much by hosting the back-to-back mega events. But it isn't the only country with high-cost buildings that look more like a burden than a monument to innovation and efficiency.

Huge towers, stadiums, hotels, artificial islands or even entire cities ... Big construction projects start with high expectations but end in disappointment, with an empty and sometimes half-complete structure. Here are five examples of these so-called "white elephants" from all around the world:

Take 5 — White Elephants Around The World par Worldcrunch