Photo: Eurovision Song Contest

Spain's contestant this year, 29-year-old Edurne, said that taking part in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest was the most important project of her career — and honestly, we don't know whether that makes us happy or sad for her.

The lyrics (in Spanish, bonus points) to her song "Amanecer" are about that emotional instant before the dawn: They tell the painful story of a lost love, the quest to retrieve joy and see the sunrise again, and all that jazz. But mostly: "EEEieEEOOOOOOOO."

Edurne's video is mesmerizing. It was clearly shot by someone was had seen way too many Zack Snyder movies (*cough cough* 300, anyone? *cough cough*). It features a leather-clad Tarzan, an eagle, lots of not-so-subtle Lord of the Rings nods, a volcano, at least four different outfits for the fierce singer — and there's so much wind all the way through that it's a wonder she manages to keep such a fabulous hairdo.

Also, we dare you not to chuckle at 1:32. Go on, try.

Spain has competed in the contest every year since it first participated in 1961, and has won the contest twice. And since Edurne was also the winner of Spain's version of the impersonating music show Your Face Sounds Familiar in 2013, we can only wish her to imitate one of her country's Eurovision laureates as best as she can.

Our vote:

Does it make you want to visit that country? 3.25/10

Was there enough glitter? 7/10

Ok to quit your day job? 1.5/10


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