O Globo, Aug. 29

Brazil's suspended president, Dilma Rousseff, will address the Senate today as part of the final moments of her trial before a vote on her impeachment tomorrow.

Rousseff studied each and every senator in detail last week "to have something up her sleeve if she gets attacked," Brazilian newspaper O Globo reported an unnamed source as saying.

Rousseff's planning to remind the audience of her role in fighting the country's military dictatorship in the 1960s, and will appeal to the conscience of senators to avoid a similar predicament going forward, O Globo reports. She will also underscore her honesty and appeal to women by saying the accusations against her are misogynistic, the daily notes.

Rousseff is accused of manipulating the state's finances to disguise a deficit in public accounts prior to her re-election.

According to Brazilian media reports, at least 51 out of the country's 81 senators are planning to vote in favor of Rousseff's impeachment — just three votes short of the minimum required. But nothing is a sure deal as yet. Several lawmakers are reportedly still undecided.

Rousseff doesn't believe she has to convince undecided senators, an unnamed political ally told O Globo. "Her speech is not for the senators but for the people. She knows that every single one of the 81 senators who are going to judge her have already made up their minds."

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