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Chairman Trump? Revisiting What The Donald Shares With Mao

WASHINGTON — The world seems to be stepping into a new era — literally. As if, all of a sudden, the Gregorian calendar is no longer valid and the world needs to start counting from the ...

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Melania Trump And Me, Two Slovenians Arrive In Washington

WASHINGTON — Melania Trump (or Melania Knavs, as she was called before she married and moved into Trump Tower) will be the only first lady since 1829 to have been born outside the United ...

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From NYC To DC, Yonderman's American Journey Continues

Slovenian-born Andrej Mrevlje has lived all around the world, sharing his stories and ideas. Now,...


My Irish Holiday: Summer Winds And Whiskey

Our itinerant Slovenian-born New Yorker takes a long-awaited voyage to the land of Joyce and good...

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From Sarajevo, An Unlikely Lesson For American Democracy

Signing a petition challenging Donald Trump's right to run for U.S. president is one bad ...


Of Lying And Language — Last Thoughts On Umberto Eco

NEW YORK — Umberto Eco died last month in his Milan apartment, among his 30,000 books. He wrote many of them himself, and these books were translated into more than 30 ...

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With Greed For Money, China And U.S. Walk Hand In Hand

-Essay- NEW YORK — A short news flash in early October 2014 made me shoot out of my comfortable chair. For no particular reason, I ...


Syria Today As 1990s Yugoslavia — Or 1970s Italy?

-Essay- NEW YORK — In searching for an image that could help to illustrate the dreadful, complex and totally out-of-control ...