Le Soir Echos is a Moroccan newspaper founded in 2008. The French-language daily, based in Casablanca, includes strong coverage of business and finance.


What It Takes To Turn The African Economy Into The Next Tiger

RABAT - Like Asia did in the second half of the 20th century, Africa can move up to the economic big leagues only if it can manage to industrialize and learn to increase ...

United States

Talking To Your Kids About Terrorism, A Guide For Muslim Parents

A Muslim-American writer recounts the days after the Boston Marathon attack. No doubt, parents in...


Mali's Forsaken Tuareg: The Toll Of French And Algerian Economic Interests

-Essay- RABAT – A year ago, Tuareg rebels from the Azawad National Liberation Movement (MNLA) decided to launch an attack to take back the territory of ...


In Push For Tolerance, Morocco Inaugurates Restored Synagogue

FEZ – It had served over the years as a prison, a carpet factory and a boxing gym. But last week, the building ...


French Language Revival In Morocco - Colonial Nostalgia Or Bridge To Modernity?

-Essay- RABAT - Along with Arabic, French has long been one of Morocco's languages. It is the language of culture; it is the flipside of our identity -- of our ...


In Morocco, A Call For Polygamy To Reduce Ranks Of Unmarried Women

-Analysis- RABAT – Recent estimates from the Moroccan High Commission For Planning (HCP) found the median age for ...


"No Hijab Allowed" - A Veiled Woman Banned From Morocco's Top Beach Club

CASABLANCA – Saturday September 1st was a sunny day, the afternoon sky was blue and the summer holidays not quite over. A young couple, Mr. and Mrs. ...