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What Bill Gates Has Done That's Setting Off Radical Islamist Killing Sprees

The Microsoft founder and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg are active in trying to eradicate poli...

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Holy Asteroid Flyby! It's Disturbingly Big, Incredibly Close - But We're Safe. For Now

Look up (with binoculars) for a glance of 2012 DA14, size of half a football field.

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How Facebook Could Make Foodie Billions By Plugging Instagram Into Graph Search

As Instagram users snap and tag their lastest best meal, Yelp, OpenTable and even FourSquare coul...

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Facebook v. Google - A New Edge In All-Out War For Digital Advertising

Facebook is the upstart, Google is the grizzled veteran -- and still the powerhouse -- in the massive battle for online advertising dollars.  But when the cash register ...

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How Facebook Could Win The Smart Phone War - Without A Facebook Phone

Facebook rolled out a new feature for the Messenger app ...

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Mobile-Ready: How Google Has Again Cornered The Market On Search

Thanks to Android boom and strategic mistakes at Microsoft, Bing search is even further behind Go...

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The Smart Global Strategy Driving The Coming Cheap iPhone

At the end of this year, when Apple's cheap iPhone comes out, it is going to be amusing to listen to all the ...